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“Do you think that really every child can be moved from one family to another, no matter how much time he or she has spent in it? Then why don’t you give up your daughter? After all, there would certainly be a family in our country that would be more emotionally efficient, nicer, wealthier, better educated than yours. If we are talking about the welfare of a child, why don’t you give your daughter to such a family in his name, trusting that the flexibility of a child’s bond is infinite and that every child can be exaggerated from one place to another?

– When I propose this, I hear: “Madam, my daughter is not such a child.” What kind of child is she? Are there any other children from families that are not very well educated, from orphanages, from foster families? They have a different species quality, different rights?

This answer is the whole point – we have a condescending, benevolent attitude towards children from difficult places all the time. There is a lot of pity and compassion in it. It seems to us that if we throw them a teddy bear, they will be happy, cry out of happiness at the sight of a jar of nutmegs and generally these material goods and the design of their fate by adults are the only things that children need. We are not at all interested in what they have to say and how they feel about their own situation.

Anna Krawczak – researcher and member of the Interdisciplinary Team for Childhood Research of the University of Warsaw, long-term president of the Association for Infertility Treatment and Adoption Support “Our Stork”; WHO social consultant in the field of infertility; PhD student at the Institute of Polish Culture of the University of Warsaw.

? Original article in PL : Since orphanages are so great, place your child there

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