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Fundacja Projekt ROZ - piecza zastępcza

More than the picture itself, what counts is what it throws off, what it exhales. It doesn’t matter if the picture is destroyed. Art can die; what matters is that it should have sown seeds on the earth

Who we are?

Our team consists of practitioners with many years of experience and reliable substantive knowledge. Since 2012, we have been working for foster carers.

What drives us?

We are looking for an answer to the question: what else can be done to ensure that children in foster care are looked after by top-class specialists, who have the possibility of continuous development, supported by well-established law?

Where are we heading?

We strive to increase the circle of people for whom the knowledge of who a foster carer is, what tasks he or she carries out and how he can be supported, is no secret.

Programs and projects

Apart from the activities related to the running of the “Little Prince” family type care centre, much more is happening here! See what is hidden under the motto of our foundation “Take care of the carer”!

List of programs and projects

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