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Our premiere Life Coaching programme came to an end, it was thanks to the support and commitment of the Pokojowe team and the openness and commitment of our participants. During which we learned from and thanks to our participants and our coaches.

  • We learned many things:
  • – what coaching is and what it is not
  • – what minor and major problems You deal with daily
  • – why life coaching is an important source of help for foster carers
  • – and simply that we want to continue working with you as coaches and as foster carers, bringing your needs and strengths together.

Read the testimonies of our participants (more on IG @fundacja.projekt.roz).

Life Coaching Testimonial 01
Life Coaching Testimonial 02

Life Coaching: why this is not the end

Coaching is suitable for bringing order, awareness to single issues within our actions. In this process, deep reflections and breakthrough conclusions can be born, which will lead to fundamental changes in life, but it is worth remembering that coaching is not used to get an answer to the question of how to live.

People don’t go to a coach to invent a magic powder or become the ruler of the world. Most often, they come to him or her because they are at a turning point in their life, and they want to see how to find themselves in this situation. They also want, for example, to prepare for a new role or to strengthen themselves in the one they are currently in.

Coaching is a way for us to gain self-confidence and our own efficiency. It is a way to activate inner strength and release effectiveness. The coach’s task is to widen the thought space in which solutions and ideas can be found.

Coaching also helps to sort out priorities at work, in a function held, in some important task. It helps to determine what, from the point of view of the role I am in or which I am entering, is important for me now, what can wait, and what should be dealt with first in order to achieve the desired goal.

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