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in pursuit of happiness

“If you have a dream, you have to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, so they say you can’t either. If you want something, get it. Period.”


No idea what to pick from your movie library today? I recommend reaching for a fact-based story about the life of Chris Gardner. We meet him as an intelligent young man who makes his living as a medical equipment salesman. Life challenges him to seek a better tomorrow. Deprived of his home, he does not give up in his struggle to find a job in a brokerage office. With a five-year-old son, Chris is forced to fend for himself and his offspring in shelters.

The film is set in the 1980s. Times appropriately characterized by the proverb – no work, no pay. However, getting a good job is quite a challenge, moreover, life throws obstacles under your feet and achieving a comfortable life without a bit of luck seems impossible. Such is the fate of our protagonist. His job brings him less and less profit, he doesn’t have enough money to feed his family, his wife and friends leave him and label him a loser. He was left alone with his beloved son, who became the most important motivator to change the current state of his life. From now on, he had to learn how to be a two-parent family, combine all the roles in his life, and take on the mission of making both his child and himself happy. The avalanche of misfortunes and failures, like a domino effect, seems to have no end. No roof over his head, no money in his pocket. Nevertheless, Chris is not discouraged and his fight for a better tomorrow becomes an inspiration how not to give up when fate strikes another blow.

It is worth noting that the film is very light and pleasant to watch. Amazing cinematography and great music only emphasize it. The Golden Globe and Oscar nominations are fully justified, the actors and the whole setting of the film fully deserved it. Moreover, the film’s father and son relationship was played by a real family (Will and Jaden Smith). The picture is not saturated with excessive drama, tons of tears or tense actions. It is different from contemporary cinema. It is subtle throughout. The plot unfolds quietly, is based on simple dilemmas, which can sometimes be boring. However, this simplicity adds truthfulness and uniqueness to the drama played out.

This true story has conquered and continues to conquer the hearts of cinema goers around the world. Gardner’s character gives an example that through many sacrifices, hard and conscientious work and doggedness one can achieve the success one only dreams of. He emphasizes each time that we are responsible for our own fate. Each of us wants to be Chris Gardner in his own way. That is why, with the passing minutes, we identify more and more with the protagonist. We don’t see his failures as exactly ours, but as a metaphor for our various failures in life. The acting makes us wholeheartedly believe in the image the characters are serving us, and we feel their ups and downs along with them.

The most important aspect of the film is its message, which simply shows us that despite failures in life or various obstacles we cannot give up and must look for our path that will lead us to happiness. It is worth to believe and chase our dreams, because only we have the power to make them come true.
So it’s time to set off in the pursuit of happiness!

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