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plakat promocyjny filmu obdarowani z 2017 roku

Frank on his own parents his gifted niece after the death of her brilliant mother, his sister. Struggling between what Mary, his niece, needs based on his intuition  verse that which is expected. The expectations coming from all angles. A non-present grandmother, the school teacher and principle, the social system. The film was released on April 7, 2017, by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The story gives us lots to laugh about with the wittiness of gifted Mary. It also triggers the weight of being care takers, the responsibility we fold in our hands as we care for another human being. A human being that is a social citizen.  

The movie is based in the USA, from where the changes of Polish foster care system derive from. And it does not exclude the disassociation of the child emotions and relationships. Showing the absence of the child in the decision making process, while prioritizing external expectations.  

And what’s interesting is that the Polish film title  changes somewhat the perception of the story. The English title “gifted” is neutral and gives no specification on the quantity of people it refers to. The Polish title refers to multiple. And maybe we can see the discrepancy here, that it is no longer about Mary, the gifted. But actually her gift influences others. So it refers to all those involved and their opinion of what is good for her. 

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