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Hacker film 2019

Not the one with Chris Hemsworth, or the Polish comedy classic. This time we’re talking about Hacker, directed by Poul Berg, author of two episodes of the cult series The Rain. The film is assigned to action and family cinema.

What is this film about?

Thirteen-year-old Benjamin perfectly finds himself in the world of the Internet, which allows him to escape from everyday life problems. At the age of seven he lost his mother and never met his father. One day his life turns upside down. Two suspicious men show him a video that probably contains…his mother! Gifted with an extraordinary intellect, the boy decides to use his above-average hacking skills and starts his own investigation. A new resident of the same orphanage, the mysterious Savannah, helps him in his search for his mother. It soon turns out that nothing is that simple and exceptional intelligence is no accident.

As the cult saying goes, “If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s about the money”. This is also the case here. A mysterious project worth human lives, a private organization that is everywhere, suspicious people… The plots, characters and development of the plot lead me to quote from the film: “Trust no one.” Combining political themes with family cinema can only make sense, however, if the young viewers are familiar with basic social issues. If they are not familiar with political knowledge, it may pose some problems in understanding the message of the film. However, in order to have fun for a little over an hour and a half, it is enough to lose oneself in the cinema full of twists and turns and to want to accompany Benjamin in discovering the mystery of his mother’s origins.

And how does the story end? Nobody knows (literally).

Hacker is an interesting, loose film, perfect to watch in a spare moment if you want to relax with an undemanding production. The open ending could have opened the way to a continuation of the adventures of young and intelligent Benjamin, but it is unlikely to happen. What a pity…

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