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Autorstwa Translated by Anna Kopacz

Soul movie

“They say you were born to do something, but how do you know what that thing is?”

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they ask themselves “why am I here?”, “what is my purpose in life?”. It is in this period that we meet Joe Gardener – the main character of the American production of What in the Soul Plays (original title Soul).

Joe is a high school music teacher, where he leads the school band, but his eternal dream is to play jazz with world stars. The teacher, sitting down at the piano, loses himself in the world of music, cuts himself off from the reality around him, nothing else matters to him. One day he gets an offer to play a concert with a world-famous star, but his way back home to prepare for the performance is interrupted by… death. Garden’s soul ends up in a place called the Netherworld – a place where souls are shaped and given individual character traits before they jump into a big hole and fly to Earth.

Joe gets a job – he has to help one of the souls find her Spark – the last element necessary to get a pass to Earth. The Spark can be dancing, singing, soccer, baking – literally anything. It would seem that since there are so many possibilities it’s not a difficult task, but the soul she’s supposed to help – number 22 – has tried literally everything. An additional obstacle to finding Spark was the fact that Twenty-Two had never seen the point of living on Earth. After more failed attempts, Joe decides to participate in a ritual that will allow him to return to life. However, instead of his own body, he ends up in the body of a cat and his body is filled with the soul number 22. Their day on Earth together becomes a real lesson in life for Joe and Twenty-Two. But has Joe found the answers to his questions about the purpose of his existence? Will Soul Number 22 find his Spark? What exactly is this Spark?

These and many other questions will be answered in the Disney Pixar animation What’s in the Soul. “Who am I?”, “Where am I going?”, “What makes me happy?” – these are questions we ask ourselves at every stage of our lives. The Disney Pixar animation studio once again provides a whole range of emotions and forces us to stop and think whether we really live our lives to the fullest and make the most of it. It is a production both for the younger ones, who will definitely be captivated by the whole created world and colorful characters, and for the older ones – those looking for their own path. It is a beautiful and touching fairy tale showing the problem of searching for one’s goal, making us think, making us stop and look at our lives.

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