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What is it and why?

In reality is started with an urge for change. Maybe it was the long weeks of being home because of the pandemic or the fresh vibrant colors of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Or even the recent workshop about empowerment and independence for the youth ⠀

Whatever it was the kids have taken over the kitchen ⠀
… well only once a week but what an experience! ⠀
?decisioning-making ⠀
? planning ⠀
? team work ⠀

some typical questions ⠀
?️ how does it taste?⠀
?️ how much? and for how much?⠀
?️ what do others eat?⠀
?️ what about a vege version?⠀

What we’ve learnt so far … its not impossible, we change habits, we can eat differently. A little creativity and empowerment of the kids in the kitchen goes a long way.

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