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zdjecie ogrodu z wiklina i domkiem dla ptaków

Spring will soon come. At our new home at 140A Tyniecka in Krakow, for which we have been waiting for a year now. Spring of 2020 took us by surprise — we were not quite ready to get stuck into our new garden for good. We started hastily coming up with ideas of what we could do. What to plant, where to put the trampoline and where to play ball.

A whole season has passed and … we already know.

We watched where the sun shines and at what time of the day. Where is the right shade for jumping on the trampoline. Where we like to sit by the bonfire in the evenings and where we like to have our breakfast outdoors in the mornings.

And to enjoy these pleasures in the corners of the garden, we want to create handmade wicker beds, ornaments … garden. The Living Lab or in Polish ŻyWa Pracownia will help us with this. Żywa Pracownia is a socially engaged studio of crafts, design, architecture and urban gardening. They combine nature and culture – being inspired by the former and searching for the sources and roots. And luck for us, they are based in Krakow.

You can also help us, even in several ways. Announcing our Garden Fundraiser!


in the Clothes to Donate project we have launched a special collection. By donating properly packed clothes that you no longer use, but are undamaged and fully usable you can donate in a special way described here. In return for the clothes (the good ones), money will be transferred to the PROJECT ROZ Foundation account after the end of the campaign.


you can organise a joint collection and packing of clothes in your company. Use the tips on how to do this. Additionally, organise some other joint action thanks to which you will contribute to our account. Or you can directly buy the seedlings, soil, other items we need, as agreed with us.


Fund us directly with a small payment to our foundations account with the note “donation for statutory purposes – garden” Bank Millenium 46 1160 2202 0000 0002 2619 0881


Follow our social media and help us physically, work and have fun together when the time comes. Give hints, advice, help.

And maybe there’s a FIFTH way we don’t know about yet.
Surprise us.
We are counting on you.

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