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We are looking for a volunteer to join our team that will help develop the partnership and financing for our projects and collaborations.  

ogłoszenie o poszukiwanie osoby do finansów

Fundacja PROJEKT ROZ is a project that aims to care for the foster care takers.

With theoretical and practical experience of operating a foster family style home “Mały Książę”, the foundation provides resources, workshops and support for those who are part of the foster care ecosystem. The philosophy is that if we take care of caregivers, they will be able to do a better job. Which is to look after children who require the essential care that is not provided in their biological homes. By which they support their development, prepare for independence. This is a big job that requires a big responsibility. It is always evolving by the changing needs of the children and our social challenges. 

This person 

  • Would have experience in applying for grants and/or establishing funding partnerships 
  • Able to search for available and applicable funds, complete a proposal and project/ grant completion reports 
  • we do not expect (even better, to not have) experience in foster care, it is important that the person is aware of what the social needs are
  • Is dynamic, innovative and eager to look problems from a different perspective 
  • Keen on working with people virtually (when possible in person) and bringing ideas together collectively.  The place of residence is not important here.
  • Can undertake a task and complete it autonomously, knowing when and where to ask for help
  • Wants to be involved for a considerable timeframe to joint in building and implementing the Foundations objectives.  We have no specific requirements for volunteering hours or days
  • Wants to start the project and see the results come through. Partnerships and the implementation of grants and projects take time.

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