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Crazy mother of four Wonders, wife 🙂 A failed social worker, fighting for the everyday life of children with disabilities. Children have become the meaning of my life. I have learned to fight for myself and also for my family. We enjoy every day, every moment and what we have. We do not plan, we live spontaneously, learning at home as part of home education. We rehabilitate, we cure with love and the warmth of a home fire. We like small and big journeys, getting away from everything, spending time together. Our house is open to the wanderers of life, you can always drop in for a good tea (I don’t drink coffee, but I can always make one) and something good. The garden, vegetable garden and mini orchard is my refuge, my paradise. I love the mountains (not the high ones), the forest and sometimes the sound of the sea of waves. Family and home oasis are dogs (currently senior female Fiorka) and two cats. You may want more…

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