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Okładka książki Mama zawsze wraca napisana przez Agatę Tuszyńskaj i ilustrowa przez Iwonę Chmielewska

Mommy always returns is a book written by Agata Tuszyńska and illustrated by Iwona Chmielewska. Published in 2020 by Publishing House Dwie Siostry.

Writing is a very complicated and tedious job. It is often compared to weaving or embroidery. It requires the right material on which to build a story. This canvas must be of good quality, as the reader will immediately sense falsehood and artificial additions. The writer, like an embroiderer, pierces the fabric with a needle and sews intricate narrative patterns on it. He interweaves colorful threads to create and connect the silhouettes of the characters.

However, even the most skillful writer is only a recreation, an imitator of reality. It is life that creates the most beautiful stories. Because they are true.

Agata Tuszyńska wrote her book “Mommy always returns” based on a story by Zosia Zajczyk. Together with illustrator Iwona Chmielewska they let the story, suppressed since the war, sound freely. The story of pain, fear, violence, but also hope and love. And faith. Although it may seem trite and hackneyed, when we have nothing left, faith, hope and love remain our only companions. Even if they materialize in the form of Zuzia’s doll.

This is a story of the impossible and the unimaginable. The story of a girl hidden in the basement of the ghetto. The story of her mother fighting to save her child. The story of the power of motherhood and the power of life.

Every writer has certain limitations, they stem from his human, imperfect nature. Life is an absolute and merciless writer. He uses the human soul as his material, his emotions are his thread. The deeper and more painful he pricks with his needle, the more poignant a work he creates.

This story pierces the heart.

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