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okładka książki Uczucia Alicji czyli jak lepiej poznać siebie - Ewa Woydyłło, Maria Mazurek, Marcin Wierzchowski

Alice’s feelings, simply how to know yourself better is a children’s book by Ewa Woydyłło, Maria Mazurek, Marcin Wierzchowski. The book was published by WAM/MANDO publishing house in 2020.

What is the difference between emotions and feelings? What role do the senses play in our perception of the world? What is temperament and what is identity? How does the brain of an introvert work and how does the brain of an extrovert? Does our personality depend more on our genes or on the environment we come from? And do we have any influence on how we are?

The book Alice’s feelings, simply how to get to know yourself better’ is a beautiful and wise conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter. In which together they look for answers to these questions. They travel through history, biology, genetics and psychology to understand the mechanisms that govern our psyche. Each page of the book is a richly illustrated chart which makes this journey inside ourselves an even more exciting adventure. In a simple and clear way the greatest secrets of our psyche are explained here.

Grandma, with a detective’s flair, explains to Alice where her emotions come from and how to control them, presenting concrete examples from the girl’s life. This allows young readers to better identify with the heroine and her sorrows and frustrations. Understanding your own inner self is the basis for a happy life and for creating good relationships with other people. And you don’t need to study psychology, usually a simple conversation is the key to achieving this.

Currently the book is only available in Polish under the name Uczucia Alicji czyli jak lepiej poznać siebie.

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