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okladka ksiazki Tkaczka chmur przez Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo

The book – The Weaver of Clouds is a book by Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo, illustrated by Marianna Sztyma and published in Poznan 2021 in polish by Wydawnictwo albus.

How to understand the death of a child? And how to embrace with reason what the heart cannot contain? How to fill in the emptiness? It takes a long time for emotionally mature, composed and rational adults. We can’t accept it at once, we spread it out over years, stretch it out in the process of mourning, we live and breathe this emptiness, until it grows in us, becomes our part. Only then do we slowly fill it in.
And what about the children? How to help them get used to this emptiness, accept it and teach them to fill it gradually? And how to guide a delicate and sensitive child through the grieving process? How to strengthen them? How to free them from guilt?

A fable helps. Metaphorizing is an important tool for taming and accepting reality.

A fairy tale, the weavers of clouds, guides children through the river of sadness, the forest of anger, and the abyss of despair. It gives a golden healing apple to hand. Allows to identify with the brave hero, liberates courage and self-confidence. It gives consolation even when the apparent ending is death. Apparent, because the thread of the story goes on. A fairy tale, like life, weaves successive patterns. And in heaven they need weavers too, someone has to weave clouds, dresses for heaven. Here is a fairy tale.

The book is currently only available in the original lanmauge Polish.

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