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okładka ksiazki Legenda domu przy ulicy Mącznej Grzegorza Dowlasza

The legend of the house on Mączna Street is written by Grzegorz Dowlasz, published by Iskry  in 1965.

Grzegorz writes the book as a kind of diary of building the house on Mączna Street . It can be said to have been the “blueprint” of Family styled Foster Homes. The author writes of the time when he and his wife, Weronika, responded to an appeal of the Ministry of Education. As a result, undertook the realization of the experiment of organizing one of the first “Family Homes”.

The narrative takes the reader on the journey hard work to make the dream and the experiment come true. Grzegorz is convinced that the Family Home will provide children with warmth, attention and safety. Today, we know that this is true. The book is funny and written in light language. While showing the harsh realities that we still face in cooperation with social institutions in the fight for children’s rights.

It is not easily accessible due to the date of its publication. Most public libraries only allow the reader to read it on the spot. But this does not mean that it is impossible, it is certainly worth the search and satisfaction of finding it.

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